Weybridge Head Race Results

The (provisional) results are in from the Weybridge Head Race on Saturday. As you can see below there was not a whole lot of competition as it was mainly river boats but you can only beat what is put in front of you. We finished with a 1st and 2nd in 1 event and a 1st in the other!

Event: Coastal IM3.4+ - Provisional
1. Boat No. 254, Louis Oldfield, Southsea, 11:17 (59th of 215 overall)
2. Boat No. 253, Ewan Elder, Southsea, 11:37 (93rd overall)
3. Boat No. 255, James Eatwell, Shoreham, 12:05

Event: W.Cstl IM2.4 - Provisional
1. Boat No. 252, Chelsea Armstrong, Southsea, 12:23 (160th of 215 overall)

  • The BTC J/S crew incidentally finished 29th in a time of 10:52.
  • If my interpretation of the classes is correct (which is a big if) looks like the women's crew beat a Christchurch women's J/S crew who finished in 12:53.
  • And all crews beat several racing in much faster river boats.

Full results are available on the link below (so you can check I'm not making it up!). Click on 'results' to display as overall results or results by category.